Boende i Anttila


This part of Sweden was settled in the early 16th century, mainly by Finnish people. They were promised to get rights to the land they cultivated in these forests and to get exemption from tax for many years. All names of the houses at Anttila are Finnish names. This area is also called Finnskoga, which means "the Finnish Forest"!
Anttila means Antti's place or Antti's farm. Antti's great-grand father came to Anttila in 1647 and found his dream place. From the top of the mountain he had a fantastic view over the valley. After burning down the trees he started growing barley in the ashes.

His first building was situated somewhat to the west of the present main building at Anttila. It was built by Antti's great-grand father Lasse Himainen and his friend Jakob. The name of the first farm was Himala and probably had no windows and no chimney, only an opening in the roof for the smoke from the fire.
It is not easy to track the Finnish immigrants that arrived in Sweden during these years. They often changed to Swedish names and were often lost in the registers.

Antti changed his name to Anders, and his son became Pål Andersson, son of Anders.



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