Adventures and Experiences!

Our extensive program includes, for example:
Snowmobile Safari, Team Building, Ice Driving, Fishing and Dog Sledging. Or why don’t you spend some time in our Finnish Smoke Sauna – a sauna you won’t forget. We will also customize activities according to your needs and requirements.


Snowmobile Safari

We use brand new Yamaha Snowmobiles, model 2011 and 2007. We provide a complete package with overalls, helmets and boots for 22 people. This is a very popular activity for groups, combined with an outdoor lunch!

Smoke sauna

This is by far, our most popular event!

When talking about team-building and team-spirit it is hard to find a better way of achieving goals than through a visit to the Smoke sauna! In this hot - approximately 70 centigrade - atmosphere, only lit by candles and the smell of smoke and tar, it is easy to relax and solve problems.
Above all, it's a fantastic place to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere!

Fotograf Claes Thorson

Team building

Even if you are here to participate in other activities, it has become very popular to challenge the group in some of our team building activities. You can choose among exercises like wood cutting, clay pigeon shooting, giant puzzles and bow and arrow.

Ice Driving

A cool adventure on ice! You get to drive an performance car or go with experienced drivers. We drive on one of our three lakes in Anttila.


There are great opportunities for fishing in the area. The lucky one could catch trout, bass or pike!
fiske i värmland






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