Boende i Anttila


Anttila was built to get a feeling of the old atmosphere while at the same time taking advantage of modern facilities for meetings and conferences for up to 50 people.

Everything from the old farm houses, old wooden fences and the genuine smoke sauna baths are there to remind you of life in Sweden in the old days.
 Obviously, all our cottages are equipped with modern facilities including bathrooms, TV-sets, etc. There is also a fully licensed restaurant that serves excellent food as well as a bar for your evening beer.

Someone said: "It is like living in the middle of the 17th century - with a bathroom…"





The name means "the upper farmhouse" and was originally built in 1856. Moved to Anttila in 1986 and renovated in 1994. Fully equipped for groups of up to 12 people.





Means "the central farmhouse". The farm used to be famous for supplying riding horses to the former King of Sweden, Gustav V. Originally built in 1886. Cabin sleeps 12 persons and has 2 bathrooms

Till början av sidan



Consequently, this name means "the lower farmhouse". The original house was built at the end of 1800, but was never finished. 8 beds.



This farmhouse was originally built as early as during the 17th centaury.


 The master bed originates from this time and it has been said that up to 8 people shared the bed, in order to keep warm during cold winter nights. Not necessary today with central heating in all cabins!


Means "little farmhouse". This building was erected around the end of 1700. As with all buildings at Anttila it has been our intention to preserve the old atmosphere by keeping low doors, small windows and high thresholds. Sleeps totally 8 people with 2 bedrooms on the upper floor.


"Aho" means garbage. And Gabine was the name of the first owner. So it means really "mr Gabines garbage"…Together with a small stable and another building the whole farm was first built in 1782 and moved to Anttila. A two floor building that sleeps 10


Means "the little mountain" and is also the smallest of the old houses at Anttila.

The building was a gift to Anttila from the famous elk-hunter, mr Verner Persson from Nyskoga. 2 bedrooms for 4 persons.


This house is fully adjusted for use by disabled persons. Sleeps 8 persons in 3 bedrooms. Filpus is a variety of the name of the first owner of this house, originally built not far from Anttila.



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